Influence of Centrifugal Shot Peening Parameters on the Impact Force and Surface Roughness of EN-AW 2024 Aluminum Alloy Elements
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Department of Production Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Lublin University of Technology, Nadbystrzycka 36, 20-618 Lublin, Poland
Publication date: 2021-03-01
Corresponding author
Agnieszka Skoczylas   

Lublin University of Technology
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2021; 15(1):71-78
This article presents the results of experimental studies of the influence of centrifugal shot peening parameters on the impact force Fu occurring during the machining of the aluminum alloy EN – AW 2024. The surface roughness parameters Ra, Rt, Rpk, RVk and surface topography were also analyzed. Centrifugal shot peening was carried out on the FV-580a vertical machining center using a centrifugal shot peening head. Variable parameters of the centrifugal shot peening were: tangential speed vg and infeed g. Based on the results obtained, it was found that the increase the tangential speed vg and the infeed g causes an increase of the impact force. On the surface of the samples aluminum alloy EN – AW 2024 after centrifugal shot peening numerous micro-cavities were formed, which may can accumulate lubricants in their space. During centrifugal shot peening low values impact force Fu were obtained, which confirms the legitimacy of using this method as a finishing maching of elements with low stiffness.
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