Construction and verification for metrological properties of the prototype magnetic head for NDT testing of lift guide rail wear under test conditions
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The State School of Higher Education in Chełm
AGH University of Science and Technology
Paweł Lonkwic   

The State School of Higher Education in Chełm
Publication date: 2022-08-27
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2022; 16(5)
The working surface of lift guide rails during operation is exposed to the destructive action of catchers under emergency braking conditions. In most cases, this surface is lubricated with grease, which makes it impossible to visually assess their local wear. The comfort of cabin movement on guide rails and thus the feelings of cabin occupants depend on the condition of guide rails. Therefore, the verification of lift guide rails wear under real conditions (in situ) is quite cumbersome. In order to assess them on a monthly basis, they would have to be completely cleaned and the excessively worn areas would have to be measured with universal measuring tools and re-lubricated. Such activities would only be a waste of time and lubricant.