Assessment of the Manufacturing Possibility of Thin-Walled Robotic Portals for Conveyor Worklace
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TU Kosice FVT Presov
VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, 17. listopadu 15/2172, 708 33 Ostrava – Poruba, Czech Republic
Milpoš 177, 082 71, Slovakia
Publication date: 2018-03-01
Corresponding author
Jozef Dobransky   

TU Kosice FVT Presov
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2018; 12(1):338–345
The paper discusses evaluation of machining solutions for oversized thin-walled robotic portal component for conveyance workplaces. The following portal CNC machining centers have been selected. Firstly, a FSGC 300 “portal type” portal was proposed, with a 50000 mm “X” axis and Heidenhain control system, the second portal was a DMU 340 portal with the maximum axis “X” of 6000 mm and Siemens Sinumerik control system and the last portal was the VF-10 / 40 one, with the maximum axis “X” of 3048 mm and Fanuc control system. Further, the method of fixing a thin-walled robotic portal is designed and individual options are evaluated for their economy. The CAM software application used for programming the production was SolidWorks.