The influence of auxilary supplements added in the extrusion process to reduce the friction of a polymeric foil.
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Lublin University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Faculty
Publish date: 2018-10-02
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2018; 12(3)
The publication describes research on supplements that reduce friction in the foil in the case of sliding contacts. The supplements added to the LD-PE polymer material were based on the following blends: erucic acid amide, behenic acid amide, colloidal silica, potassium soap and talc. The work contains information on the types of processing additives and the resulting changes in properties in the surface layer of the product in the form of a foil.
Sebastian Białasz   
Lublin University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Nadbystrzycka 36, 20-618 Lublin, Poland