Increasing of Durability of Cutting Tools
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Technical University of Košice, Letná 9, Košice, Slovak Republic
Emil Spišák   

Technical University of Košice, Letná 9, 040 02 Košice, Slovak Republic
Publication date: 2017-12-05
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2017; 11(4):141–146
The contribution evaluates the durability of the punches and the cutting tool when cutting of the cut-outs. The durability of the punches made of the same material without coating, with the TiCN-MP coating and with the TiN coating is compared. Durability is evaluated by the tolerance of the cut-outs. Border durability, which requires grinding of the tool, is a determined durability, at which the deviation of the tolerance of a cut-out is at the lower border.By comparing of dependency of change of the dimensions of the holes on the number of strokes in the case of all three types of punches it can be stated that the durability has been increased by 10-12 times in the case of the tools with the coatings.