Experimental Study on Static and Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Cured Epoxy Resins
Jakub Skoczylas 1  
Sylwester Samborski 1  
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Lublin University of Technology
Mariusz Kłonica   

Lublin University of Technology
Publication date: 2019-03-01
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2019; 13(1):122–127
The paper investigates experimental results of static and dynamic fracture toughness. The three-point bending test and the Charpy pendulum test were performed for two kinds of polymers: Epidian 5 epoxy resin cured with Z1 curing agent and Epidian 53 epoxy resin cured with Z1 curing agent. The comparison between the values of a maximum static and a maximum dynamic force are discussed as well as the values of static and dynamic fracture toughness, with special emphasis on microscopic views of crack propagation.