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Ternopil Ivan Pul’uj National Technical University, 56 Ruska Str., Ternopil 46001, Ukraine
Institute of Strength Physics and Materials Science SB RAS, 2/4 pr. 2 Akademicheskii, Tomsk 634021, Russia
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor, Smetanova 17, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia
Technical University of Košice, Department of Technology and Materials, Košice, Slovakia
Publish date: 2015-11-27
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2015; 9(28):40–46
By example of steel 17G1S, the regularities in the impact fracture of Charpy specimens at normal and low temperatures are described. The relationship between the energy parameters of fracture (impact toughness) and the deformation response of the material (the height of shear lips) of the specimens from the pipe steel is established. The micromechanisms of impact fracture of the material are described. At 20 °C and –30 °C, focal splitting of the material was observed on the fracture surface of specimens; at –60 °C, the material failed in a brittle manner by the mechanism of cleavage.
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