Effect of Voltage on Properties of 30HGSA Steel Coatings by Supersonic Supersonic arc metallization Method
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PLASMASCIENCE LLP, Gogol str. 7G, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan
Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Shakarim University, Glinka Street, 20a, Semey, Kazakhstan
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Corresponding author
Aibek Shynarbek   

Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Shakarim University, Glinka Street, 20a, Semey, Kazakhstan
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2024; 18(5)
This work is a study aimed at optimizing the process of superarc metallization, with a focus on the effect of stress on the properties of the spraying coatings. In this work, 30HGSA grade steel wire was used for the coating of 45 steel, widely used in mechanical engineering. The use of supersonic arc metallizer SX-600 allowed to obtain coatings at different voltages (32 V, 38 V and 44 V) and the same current strength. Various metallization process parameters such as material feed rate, voltage, current, distance and nozzle geometry are discussed in this paper. Using various analytical techniques including X-ray diffraction analysis, microscopy, microhardness and corrosion resistance tests, the qualities of the coatings were evaluated. Particular attention was paid to analyzing the phase composition of the coatings, porosity, substrate bond strength and tribological characteristics. It was found that the voltage during the electric arc metallization process has a significant effect on these characteristics. The selected optimum voltage allows to obtain dense and homogeneous coatings with improved performance properties. The results of the study revealed that the best physical and mechanical properties were exhibited by the sample processed at 38 V, which showed lower porosity and improved strength characteristics compared to the other samples. These findings can be used to improve manufacturing processes in industries such as automotive and mechanical engineering, where restoration and improved performance of worn parts is required.
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