Effects of Hydrated Lime on Moisture Susceptibility of Asphalt Concrete
School of Civil Engineering, Tafila Technical University, Tafila, Jordan
Data publikacji: 01-06-2021
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Mohammad Nour Ibrahim Al-Marafi   

School of Civil Engineering, Tafila Technical University, Tafila, Jordan
Adv. Sci. Technol. Res. J. 2021; 15(2):13-17
Moisture damage is one of the most critical distresses affecting asphalt pavement. The use of mineral fillers such as hydrated lime can increase the moisture resistance of the asphalt mixtures. In this study, the effects of hydrated lime (HL) and nano hydrated lime (NHL) were investigated on the moisture susceptibility of modified asphalt mixtures. The asphalt mixtures were modified using HL and NHL with varying percentages of each additive. The indirect tensile strength (ITS) test was performed to investigate moisture susceptibility. This test was carried out with three types of asphalt mixtures including, normal asphalt mixture without additives, modified asphalt mixture with HL, and modified with NHL. The results showed that the addition of HL and NHL as mineral fillers enhanced the performance of the mixtures against moisture damage. The highest increase in ITS value under dry conditions was observed in the modified mixtures with 20% HL and 20% NHL, and under wet conditions it was observed at 30% HL and 20% NHL. The results also indicated that the addition of 20% HL and 30% NHL increased the value of tensile strength ratio (TSR) by 78.6% and 70.6%, respectively.
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